Healthy Fundraising Opportunities:

The California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (CAHPERD) is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles across the lifespan. Our organization supports and is comprised of teachers, administrators, university professors, and future professionals. We understand the financial challenges schools face when attempting to meet student needs and school priorities. Many schools solve financial shortages by conducting fundraisers. With the federal mandate for Local School Wellness Policy Implementation, that is focused on nutrition and physical activity, at a minimum, schools are conducting more healthy fundraisers which also contribute to a positive school climate.

We are excited to announce CAHPERD is now in partnership with 3 school-based fundraisers that are designed to benefit your students, your school and CAHPERD. Each of these three fundraisers provides a different experience for your school and students. CAHPERD has identified these three healthy fundraising programs:

  • SHAPE America's health.moves.minds
  • Game On!
  • Orbiter Walk/Run/Ride a-Thons

Download the Comparison Chart and Introduction Letter from the CAHPERD President  


Fundraiser Name


Health.Moves.Minds Video

10 Reasons to Participate

Building Kinder Healthier Schools

The NEW Service-Learning Program for Schools

Game On!

Game On! Flyer  

Game On! / Step it up Event Video

(Expected launch Jan. 2020)

Orbiter Flyer

Orbiter Event Video

Online Fundraising Platform Video


Type of Fundraiser

Service-learning program to inspire healthy habits, fuel active minds, and teach students to thrive physically and emotionally.

School may conduct a school-wide or family K-12 event of their choice in connection with this fundraiser.

A fun, fitness-focused physical education

K-8 fundraiser

School may conduct school-wide event of their choice with fundraising.

America Ninja Warrior-inspired class kits and rewards are provided based upon funds raised.

Students engage in physical activity to generate donations. Event can generate funds for any K-12 school priority and the type of event (walk, run, ride, obstacle course, etc.) can be individually designed.

Chip timing and lap counting system for Fun Walk/Run/ Obstacle/Ride events

Online Donation Platform

All provide online platforms for family and friend donations. Students enter email addresses and the program sends family and friends information about the fundraiser from the student; accepts secure donations; and provides a thank you and online receipt.



SHAPE America (Society for Health and Physical Educators)

Community Philanthropic Ventures, LLC, POP (Power of Purpose)

Orbiter LLC

Gross % to School

50% of gross in Gopher coupon with additional 10% discount if no charity named

40% of gross

50% of gross

One CAHPERD Membership

Provided by CAHPERD when at least $1,000 is raised

Provided by CAHPERD when at least $1,500
is raised

Provided by Orbiter when at least $1,000
is raised

Gross % to CAHPERD

15% of gross

10% of gross

5% of gross

Gross % to Organization

35% of gross:

25% SHAPE America

10% advocacy

50% of gross

35% of gross

Philanthropic Giving

50% of school funds can be donated through SHAPE America to a local or national 501(c)(3) charity.

Any % of school funds can be donated through CAHPERD to a local or national 501(c)(3) charity.

Any % of school funds can be donated through CAHPERD to a local or national 501(c)(3) charity.



Student Incentives

Social Emotional Learning Lesson Plans provided for K-2 on kindness, 3-4 on mindfulness, and 5-6 on empowerment. Middle and high school can link to health education standards.

Variety of individual and team rewards are dependent on amount raised. If $30,000 is raised, school receives a Step It Up! Day of Awesomeness. Equipment and staff are provided.

10% of gross is dedicated to a variety of incentives for the students. A reduction of prizes will result in greater cash funds back to the school.

Physical Activity Event Insurance


School named "also insured," $300,000/event

School named "also insured," $300,000/event


Special Information


Focusing on core areas related to health and wellness and will include new skill-based and standards-based classroom resources and lessons.

Kick-off assembly provided with marketing materials and social media kits. Requests must be made by physical education department or lead teacher.

Kick-off assembly, all equipment (lap counter and chips), event motivational items, and staff to run event provided by Orbiter.

Fundraising Comparison Chart
(Adobe PDF File)