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If you believe in the importance of your profession to the education of the whole child, the need to support and engage future professionals, the need to keep informing legislators and administrators of the value of our professions in health, physical education, recreation, and dance, and if you want a variety of professional development opportunities that will provide for continued learning, then join the California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance!

Your membership helps to provide a powerful voice in numbers to advocate for quality health education, physical education, recreation, dance, and other movement related programs. 

Member Benefits

CAHPERD is a diverse group of individuals whose mission is the “passionate promotion of active and healthy lifestyles.”  Members are dedicated to improving programs of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance and other related fields.  As a CAHPERD member, you will:

  • Be entitled to discounted fees for all Association sponsored workshops and conferences, focusing on the professional development needs of the HPERD community.
  • Receive all official publications of the Association, including the e-Journal and the e-Newsletter.
  • Have a voice in legislative and policy matters.  We serve as your representative when speaking to issues before the legislature, the State Board of Education and other government agencies.
  • Receive all services of the Association, rendered through its officers, committees and state office staff.
  • Be eligible to serve in a variety of leadership roles -- elected and appointed.  Included are positions pertaining to specific interest areas, and numerous committees that assist in carrying out the business of the Association.
  • Be eligible to vote in annual elections, selecting those members who will lead us into the future!
  • Be eligible for scholarships and grants.
We are continually striving to increase and improve member benefits, including negotiated partnerships with companies that provide industry-related goods and services.  Look for more information about these offerings in the near future.

Annual Membership Dues

 Professional    $89.00         
Join Online - you will first be asked to login or create an account
 Future Professional (Student)
 $20.00   Join Online - you will first be asked to login or create an account SEE NOTE BELOW BEFORE JOINING
        This category is for full-time undergraduate (12 or more units) and post-graduate (6 or more units) who are not, or have not, been employed in any of the HPERD fields.  This category of membership is not appropriate for current professionals who may be going back to school to further their education or obtain their credential. Must submit current course schedule reflecting full-time student status for verification.
Please send by email to [email protected].
 Retired    $44.50   Join Online - you will first be asked to login or create an account
 Associate    $44.00   Please call the office for more information.

While we encourage you to join online, you may also download the Membership Application below and send it in.
Membership Application
(Adobe PDF File)