Submit an Article

The California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance issues this call for papers to appear in the CAHPERD Journal. The publication generally contains two types of articles: information for application to teaching, professional practice or performance, and peer-reviewed articles of relevance to the HPERD disciplines.

Authors who are professionally engaged in the study of HPERD and related fields are encouraged to submit articles for review and potential publication. Authors need not be professional writers. Graduate students are also encouraged to submit. The editors of the peer-reviewed section will give priority consideration to those articles that relate directly to HPERD issues confronting California professionals.  Authors may not submit the same article to this Journal and other publication for simultaneous review.

Authors seeking publication in the Journal should include the following materials:

(1) Cover letter indicating the desire to have materials reviewed for possible publication. The cover letter should indicate your acknowledgement that CAHPERD will hold the copyright to all information published in the e-Journal.

(2) Email attachment of the desired publication as a word document only.

(3) Biographical information about the author.

Manuscripts should not exceed 2500 words, not including references or graphics. References should be listed numerically as they appear in the text. Text citations should be made by placing a number in parentheses at the appropriate point. The order of information included in the manuscript should be as follows:

(1) Cover letter,

(2) Complete APA formatted Title Page,

(3) Title page indicating only the title – to be used in a blind peer review,

(4) Abstract,

(5) Text,

(6) References,

(7) Tables,

(8) Figures, and

(9) Acknowledgements, if appropriate.

Manuscripts may be submitted electronically to Melissa Bittner [email protected]